Our Clients Say It Best



[ . . . turning 40, with two children in middle school ]

“. . . Lisa and I have worked with Mike Campbell for ten years, and despite two stock market crashes and one real estate market crash during that time, we can honestly say we have maintained our sense of financial confidence and well-being throughout. That’s because over that time Mike has helped us understand and implement principles to achieve, maintain and protect our lifestyle beyond what we had previously understood to be possible. He showed us how to use ‘velocity of money’ principles to achieve more than one financial objective with our invested money, while simultaneously reducing our risk profile. He also helped us integrate all aspects of our financial lives – to get them actually working together – so we could do more for our future without significantly impacting our lifestyle today. Above all, Mike has been there with us every step of the way with a totally personalized approach to our specific life situations and needs as we experienced them. I couldn’t recommend Mike more highly to anyone who is truly concerned about their family’s lifestyle today and in the future.” 

─  Mike Amburgey, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Nutrisystem


[ . . . in our 40's, with two sons in high school and one in middle school]

“. . . My wife and I met over several weeks with Mike and the outcome was that we now have a concrete plan that will take us to retirement and beyond. I cannot tell you what peace of mind this has given us. Mike’s “Velocity of Money” approach to financial planning is unique and the way he lays it out is very common sense. Mike also has extensive knowledge in other areas of financial planning that need to be considered, such as wills, generational planning, shielding of assets from liability, etc. He has an impressive network of professionals that can assist in these areas if needed. Mike’s demeanor is very professional and personable. He is first and foremost a good person. He very much likes what he does and I believe he is more driven to help people that make money. If you are looking for a financial advisor, or simply want a second opinion on how you are doing, I would encourage you to contact him.”

─  Brian Foster, Owner, North Shore Technology Partners, Inc.


[ . . . in our mid-30's, with a two year old ]

“. . . As a client for more than 10 years and during some of the most tumultuous and unpredictable financial times, Rhonda and I cannot imagine not having Mike as our financial coach. While markets sank, rose and sank again, our financial security and the predictability of our future increased significantly. I don’t know too many people who can say that. But what is even more valuable is that we no longer worry about what the market does or if we are doing the right thing – we are confident that our family’s lifestyle is secure and largely immune to the external factors that could jeopardize it. That confidence and peace of mind is priceless!” 

─  Jeff Schuldt, Principal, Sixth Gear Partners


[ . . . in our early 40's, with a three year old ]

“. . . Mike is the first person who explained how the financial world works in a way that ‘we got it.’ With Mike’s help Shirley and I are saving more, are totally confident in our financial future and doing more of the things we value sooner.” 

─  Mark Suzuki, MD, Director Cardiac Surgery, Excella Health System


[ . . . in our our early 30's, with a two year old and newborn ]

“. . . Natalie and I had the pleasure of working with Mike Campbell recently and his professionalism, patience, knowledge and responsiveness to our many questions were nothing short of remarkable. When you work with Mike you quickly realize that he is much more than a traditional ‘financial adviser’, he is an exceptional coach and teacher. He helps you view your finances from a totally objective and holistic perspective. When Mike put the pieces of our financial puzzle together we discovered a number of errors and omissions. So he organized our present plan, explained the pros and cons of all our prior financial decisions (retirement savings, insurance policies, mortgage, etc.) and helped us correct our mistakes. Then he taught us how to use velocity of money to achieve better results with less risk – a powerful strategy that we had never heard of before. The result was a new, reliable, high performance financial plan. Today, thanks to Mike our family is more financially secure than we thought possible. I highly recommend Mike to anyone who cares about their family’s financial future.”

─  Seth Grattan, Manager, UPMC Health Plan


[ . . . recently relocated with new jobs, a three year old and newborn ]

“. . . Mike has dispelled the ‘hitting the lottery approach’ to winning in the market. With his coaching Maria and I have made practical decisions regarding our family’s financial future and now feel all but immune to the negative effects of the current financial crisis.”

─  Henry Childers, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon


[ . . . in our early 50's, with two children in college and one college graduate ]

“. . . Mike put together all aspects of our financial plan and taught Donna and me how to make the components work together to achieve greater results. With his coaching we put in place a much more secure financial plan and as a result are now doing more things we enjoy together.” 

─  Larry Jones, MD, General Surgery, Ohio State’s Medical Center


[ . . . in our 30's, pregnant, with two children and a new job ]

“. . . Mike has helped Lisa and me achieve greater financial certainty and resulting confidence in our financial future. For over 10 years he has helped us develop and implement sound strategies that have built and protected our wealth, even through one of the worst market declines in history.”

─  Hank Lish, Sr. Account Executive, Gartner


[ . . . in our late 30's, with a new job ]

“. . . Mike Campbell has been our mentor for the past nine years. His insight and guidance have given Pat and me a road map that has been full of joy and adventure. We have an unbelievable life together that only gets better and better. We are grateful to have Mike as our adviser.”

─  Cindy Klaja-McLaughlin, President, Watt An Idea!!!, Inc.


[ . . . in our early 40's, with two children in middle school ]

“. . . Mike has somehow hit on the nerve centers in a marriage. Mike empowers couples to communicate better, grow closer and have more of the things they value sooner without sacrificing future security.”

─  Andrea Fitting, CEO, Fitting Group


[ . . . in our 40's, with two children in middle school ]

“. . . Thanks to Mike, Deb and I feel financially stable and stress free. We are saving more and taking more time to do the things we love together.” 

─  Jim Adisey, MD, Cardiologist, Westmoreland County Cardiology


[ . . . in our 30's, with a newborn, a three year old and a first grader ]

“. . . Mike has always provided focused, personalized attention to my family’s financial health. He has always been able to bring to bear the necessary expertise to guide Kris and me through any situation.” 

─  Scott Carnivale, MD, Internal Medicine, Brentwood Medical Group